King Arthur's Gold (KAG for short)

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King Arthur's Gold (KAG for short)

Post  BeasterDenBeast on Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:19 am

King Arthur's Gold, upon first glance looks quite reminiscent of a PvP Terraria. I mean, its pixelated, you build things, its 2D and in a side-view, it must be based off Terraria, right? Wrong (KAG actually came out first).

In all actual fact, King Arthur's Gold is my single-favorite indie-game ever developed (so far). Not only is it tonnes of fun, the community is so tightly knit. I mean, you can actually get into direct contact with the developers and have conversations with them most days of the week. The social aspect is quite amazing. Its the only PvP game where I'm able to have a typed conversation with another person and still win an intense battle.

I heavily recommend this game. Its quite pick-up-and-playable, yet, the combat/building system is surprisingly in-depth. Its also where Nix and I met. Basketball

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